A personal reflection on spirituality and god

I believe God genes me…personally.

Personal Spiritual Retreats

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What Is Ignatian Spirituality?

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Spiritual Reflections

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Lectio Divina

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Simple Spirituality: Learning to See God in a Broken World [Christopher L. Heuertz, Shane Claiborne] on redoakpta.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Chris Heuertz believes that any true path to spiritual sight ought to be simple. While he's not a contemplative and hardly a mystic. Ignatian spirituality is a spirituality for everyday life. It insists that God is present in our world and active in our lives.

It is a pathway to deeper prayer, good decisions guided by keen discernment, and an active life of service to others. What is a Spiritual Journal? Mary Warren, writing in the Forward Movement Publications pamphlet How to Keep a Spiritual Journal, first makes the point that a journal is not a diary.

For example, "I went to the Braves game yesterday, and they lost their seventh game in a row," would be an entry in a diary. Reflecting on the integration of Ignatian spirituality with daily personal experience, decision-making, vocation, relationships, and service of others in today’s culture and world.

We hope participants will encounter a loving God who is found in all things, and who labors through us to nurture healing, compassion, and justice. Spirituality and Ministry are profoundly related aspects of the Christian life. In this lecture/discussion course, we explore these disciplines separately and in relationship to one another across a wide variety of types and topics.

These include: ministry on the margins, theological reflection on. that includes shared and institutionalized moral values, beliefs about God, and involvement in religious community,” and spirituality is defined as, “an internal set of values- a sense of meaning, inner wholeness, and connection with others” (p.


A personal reflection on spirituality and god
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