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Padmanabhan, T.: b, The Holography of Gravity encoded in a Relation between Entropy, Horizon Area and the Action for gravity [Second Prize essay; Gravity Research Foundation Essay Contest, ] and elaborated in Mod. Phys. Letts.

In order to do so the Foundation organized essay competitions on the subject of gravity research. Monetary awards were given for the best ideas submitted. At least five participant later went on to win the Nobel Prize in physics. Stone monument donated to University of Tampa by the Gravity Research Foundation.

Photo credit: Walter/Flickr. The Gravity Research Foundation has awarded its first prize of $ to Banesh Hoffmann of Queens College, New York, for an essay entitled, “Negative Mass as a Gravitational Source of Energy in the Quasi‐Stellar Radio Sources”.

The Gravity Research Foundation, founded inworks to promote scientific research on gravity and annually awards outstanding essays in the field of gravitational studies.

Winners of past top essay awards include Nobel Laureates and famous physicists like Stephen Hawking, who won in She sulks at gravity, at the tugs Of advancing times. Ah! Saggy boobs; And all that chest of floppy nugs Stop the Hate: Youth Speak Out Essay Contest Grades $ prize, deadline change: received by January 9 | Visit source.

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Let us help! We generally respond within one business day. Since the foundation has given an essay prize for general research on gravity, currently worth $ Winners include Nobel laureates Frank Wilczek, Gerard 't Hooft, and George Smoot, and other distinguished physicists including Stephen Hawking, John Archibald Wheeler, and Bryce DeWitt.

Gravity essay prize
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