Midwifery personal statement layout

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Bachelor of Nursing (Hons)(Child Health)

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Midwifery Application

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Personal statement advice: midwifery

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Successful Midwifery Personal Statement Examples

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Midwifery Personal Statement. As a midwife, you have to be dependable and responsible as you are being entrusted with the welfare of patients in addition to their unborn child.

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I have broken her personal statement into paragraphs, pre-edit and post edit, and I’ll show you what she changed to make an excellent personal statement. Midwifery Personal Statement For as long as I can remember, I was always drawn to the feeling of responsibility, care and support towards others.

What sparked my curiosity for Midwifery was helping and observing my older sister’s close friend through the physiological changes of her pregnancy and preparing for the birth.

Midwifery personal statement layout
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