Photo array lineup vs in person lineup

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State v. Madison

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Showups, Lineups, and Photo Arrays

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What is a Photo Lineup?

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With the elimination lineup procedure, children are asked to make two judgments; first, to select the person most similar to the target and second, to determine whether this most similar.

Pricing for the full range of Samsung’s QLED lineup, aside from one model, is listed on the company’s website. The most expensive model is the Q9F at $20, which is pricier than LG’s. This employee, when shown a photo lineup identified Timothy McVeigh's picture as the individual who registered at the motel under the name of Tim McVeigh, listed his automobile as a Mercury bearing an Arizona license plate, and provided a Michigan address, onNorthVan Dyke in Decker Michigan.

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Marvin Anderson was the only person in the lineup whose picture was in the original photo array shown to the victim. She identified him in the lineup as well. PRETRIAL IDENTIFICATION concerning pretrial corporeal (lineup and showup) identification in the United States v.

Wade,7 Gilbert v. California,' and Stovall v.

Photo array lineup vs in person lineup
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